The Same Blood – Paintings of Eeva and Anna Korhonen

23.10. - 16.11.2018


Pursimiehenkatu 2, Punavuori


Open Mon-Fri 10-18


Exhibition The Same Blood is a collaboration of sisters Anna Korhonen (1978) and Eeva Korhonen(1986). They both paint colourful paintings of humans with acrylics and mixed techique. They tell about feelings of loneliness, compassion and love, inner feelings and dreams. Both artists want to tell what it's like to being a human through colourful stories and strong colours.

Empresses are laying on the divan and trying to live out their dreams, control what is uncontrolled. Dancers with the roses are stepping into spikes. A seiren has returned from her night adventures, and tattooed mermaid is missing her home. Love warms a couple with the silent flame.

Eeva and Anna Korhonen have been born in Pyhäjärvi, Middle-Finland. Making art is familiar to them since they were child. Also two other sisters Paula and Leena have followed the steps of their father, artist Matti Korhonen (1944-2008). Both Eeva's and Anna's works have strong colours, story telling and human subject.

Eeva graduated Bachelor of Culture and Arts, vestonomi (AMK) 2012 from Jyväskylä AMK, and has been working with fashion and arts as designer, visualist and artist. Eeva's www: https://www.facebook.com/Taiteilija-Eeva-Korhonen-1670473416531456

Anna graduated Bachelor of Culture and Arts, medianomi (AMK) 2003 from Turku AMK, and has been working since as a painter, cartoonist, and and animator. Anna's www: www.annakorhonen.fi

Welcome to vernissage of the exhibition on Monday 22.10.2018 6 pm.-8 pm!

With best regards,

Anna Korhonen (tel 0451698987 / anna@annakorhonen.fi)

and Eeva Korhonen (tel 0442928002 / kouvalainen.eeva@gmail.com)


Poster of the exhibition

The Same Blood – pictures of the paintings

CV of Eeva Korhonen

CV of Anna Korhonen


Teoskuvia Eeva Korhonen
Eeva Korhonen
Eeva Korhonen: Valtias, 2015, akryyli kovalevylle

Eeva Korhonen: Ruusunpunainen, 2016, sekatekniikka

Eeva Korhonen: Unikon kyyneleet, 2016, sekatekniikka

Eeva Korhonen: Emesal, 2015, akryyli
Teoskuvia Anna Korhonen
Tiikeri Olohuoneessa
Anna Korhonen: Tiikeri olohuoneessa, 2018, akryyli kankaalle

Hiljainen tuli
Anna Korhonen: Hiljainen tuli, 2018, akryyli kankaalle

Anna Korhonen: Alaston, 2010, akryyli kankaalle


Anna Korhonen: Rauhanlähetti, 2018, akryyli kankaalle

Anna Korhonen: Unelma, 2017, akryyli kankaalle